Family Business Advisors Network is a subsidiary of SBA Network, Inc. which has been in business for over 20 years and provides consulting, coaching and training services to family businesses nationwide.


We embrace the following foundational ethics in every engagement:

Better to lose a client over telling the truth than string them along. In some cases we encounter clients who are unwilling to change dysfunctional behaviors and in these circumstances we may need to discuss options and reset the engagement expectations. Not everyone is willing to go through the discomfort of change and everyone’s timing is different. We respect these circumstances.

One of the most dangerous behaviors in an organization is arrogance. Leaders sometimes feel they have earned the right to be arrogant. We attempt to model humble behavior. As we build relationships with individuals in the organization we begin to hold them accountable to humility.

Positive Role Models
Our client’s team members closely watch how we act and what we say. They will hold us to a very high standard (often higher than their own) and rightly so. This is often the most powerful way to inspire behavioral change. When the gain respect and cooperation from stakeholders we can more easily influence a higher level of performance and culture change.


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