Attraction-based Marketing for Professionals

I coach and consult with many professionals that are doctors, dentists, lawyers, bankers and CPAs. Often times when professionals focus on sales or marketing, they can appear desperate. In a sense, “marketing their practice” can reduce their credibility rather than increase it. For this reason, using “attraction-based marketing” can be particularly effective.

There are a number of very credible ways in which professionals can create attraction. Over the next few weeks, I will be focusing on four PROVEN methods by which professionals can create positive client attraction. The first is:

Leveraging Knowledge through Exclusivity

Since professionals have a highly specialized vertical skill, they possess deep knowledge in a very specific area of expertise. If this knowledge is properly used in a carefully orchestrated campaign, it can produce fabulous results in attracting potential clients and referrers. Unfortunately, few professionals perform the planning necessary to properly educate and inspire their prospect base. It often comes off as “self promotion” which has the opposite of the intended impact. Instead, I recommend first crafting the educational message in a way that is interesting and relevant to the target audience. It should be, however, most critically in a way that demonstrates the “exclusivity” offered by the professional. That is, “what do you offer which no one else does?” How do you do it? Why is your exclusive method more valuable that the traditional approach?

The next step is to create a series of messages that clearly articulates the significance of the exclusivity in a way that does NOT promote the professionals services. Shameless self-promotion by professionals is the “kiss of death!” This can accomplished through e-blasts, seminars, webinars, teleconferences and most importantly in a casual way through personal conversations and networking. Finally, the all-important follow-up step. Without consistent, valuable follow-up we are unable to maintain the top-of-the-mind awareness so that when a client need arises, we are the first call they make. More critically, our series of carefully orchestrated messages succeeds in motivating someone to take action based on a latent need. This is the most influential from of selling for professionals.

For more examples of how professionals can use “attraction-based marketing” to build their practice, particularly during economic downturns go to and check out my new book, The Rules of Attraction.

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