Building Loyalty by Thinking Small

Those of us that have lived in a small town know that loyalty is very
natural. People know each other and treat one another as neighbors. Companies
need to think small if they want to build greater loyalty. This works both
externally when trying to attract the right kind of customers as well as
internally when attempting to create greater teamwork and collaboration.
To apply this to improved marketing, I advise that business leaders isolate
several highly targeted audiences that all rally around the same type of
specific requirements. Then focus the ENTIRE message on their needs. This is one
way to become more important to fewer people. This can also be applied to
management by building a structure where people can work well in small teams.
When a small team accepts ownership of a daunting challenge for change, a
wonderful dynamic emerges. Everyone stops worrying about who will get credit or
the political factors. They step up and collectively perform.

Whether you are trying to create attraction externally in the marketplace or
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