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It’s been a few months since we last sent out some of our favorite Internet resources. This time around I think you’ll find that these are truly some of the most powerful tools available on the web. As Peter Drucker wrote, “Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed.” So in an effort to save you some time when looking for the answers you need on the web, here are some starting points that you may wish to bookmark.

1) Google Answers:’ve written before about Google the search engine. But did you know you can ask ANY question and have it researched for you on-line? At Google Answers, you enter your question with the amount you are willing to pay for the answer, and pre-screened researchers will go to work finding the answer to your question. These answers are then made available to the public at no cost. Ever wonder who is in charge of marketing for PepsiCo? Thanks to someone out there who paid $15 for the answer, we can all read the result here: This site can be used to provide sales reps with essential pre-approach information without them having to spend their selling time doing research. Give it a try!
2) PDF 995: you have the need to create PDF files occasionally, but not often enough to justify spending hundreds of dollars on Adobe Acrobat? Give PDF 995 a try. It is a FREE alternative to Adobe Acrobat. Just download and install this software and you can select PDF output just as easily as printing a document.
3) Megaproxy: you ever been in a situation where you need access to a website that your network either filters out or is unable to find? Megaproxy is a proxy site for accessing web based content. What you do is use this as a web browser within a browser. Even if your computer is unable to access a webpage directly, if you are able to get to Megaproxy you may still be able to access the site. Just enter the address in the address bar, and you will be viewing content by proxy. This means that it may be able to find content for you, and relay it to your computer. There are both free and paid versions available depending on your needs.
4) RhymeZone: http://rhyme.lycos.comWriting letters, reports, or proposals and need to add some punch to your phrases? Try The Lycos RhymeZone. This website allows you to find words that rhyme with your entries, as well as functioning as a dictionary/thesaurus to help you uncover synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, definitions, quotations, and even search the collected works of Shakespeare! As I discovered when writing this business update, Hamlet once stated, “Words, words, words.” That is truly what this website is all about.
5) The Small Business Advisory Network: OK, this is a shameless plug for our own website. If you haven’t seen our new version, however, click on over and try out some of our newest additions. Search our business update and radio show archives for specific topics at site search, view our library of articles sorted by category at business development articles, ask for help on our new message boards, and check out our free audio learning programs at audio coaching programs. This is THE place to go for FREE business advice on sales, marketing, and management.
I hope these sites are of some value to you. If you are looking for sites that can give you specific information, please feel free to contact us at (310) 320-8190 or send me an e-mail at and I’ll let you know if I know of any.
Have a great week!

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