Money Won’t Motivate Your Team!

It’s more important than ever to get maximum return from your employees. Change-management expert Morris Shechtman tells you how… and it has little to do with increasing compensation.

They say that time is money. And while that old adage still rings true, in today’s business environment it might be more accurate to say that people are money, or rather, that the time and resources put into recruiting and training your employees takes money. And don’t forget that there is a direct correlation between employee productivity and your organization’s bottom line. So how do you get the best return possible on the investment you make in your workforce?According to Morris Shechtman, change management expert and author of the book, Fifth Wave Leadership: The Internal Frontier, you need to focus on internal issues and develop the workforce you have. Just because the current state of the economy means that more people are looking for work doesn’t mean that they are the right people for your company. Instead of viewing employees as expendable, Shechtman insists that you should be deliberately creating an environment where they can thrive.”Employee retention is still a very big issue,” says Shechtman. “It always will be, regardless of the state of the economy. After all, the key to long-term growth and productivity is a workforce that’s familiar with your company and in sync with your business goals. Your workplace should excite and motivate your employees, so they’ll want to stay around. And that means creating an environment that challenges people and helps them grow not just as employees, but as people,” he adds.”Most employees if given the choice between a nominal raise and a great work environment, will choose the latter. After all, so much of our lives are spent at our jobs. And making the job site an emotionally challenging and motivating environment is key to retention and productivity.”This theme – fostering what Shechtman refers to as “self-information” – is thoroughly explored in Fifth Wave Leadership. It essentially means that people want their jobs to teach them about themselves, to provide valuable information that not only makes them more marketable in today’s marketplace, but that also helps them become better spouses, better friends, better people.So how do you foster a growth-oriented workplace? Click here to read Morrie’s tips for getting the most out of your employees.

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