My Brain’s Going to Bust if I Learn One More Thing!

Don’t you feel that
way sometimes? Like your brain will explode if someone sticks one more bit of
data inside it?
Yea everyone is
always talking about, learning organizations, process improvement, continuous
education, blah, blah, blah!
With technology
always nipping at our heels there seems to be a constant effort placed on
technical learning or the latest and greatest new systems. I understand. That
stuff is necessary.
But I am speaking
about a different kind of learning. The kind that won’t mess up your
cubicle-mate with your bloody grey matter!
That is learning
about other people and how deal with them better. Imagine that! Can such a
thing be learned? YES and it won’t make your skull burst!
I am speaking,
for example, of learning how to motivate, inspire and incite enthusiasm in
others in a GENUINE way.
Leaders and their
employees who develop the capacity for self-analysis and adaptive learning will
have a remarkable competitive advantage in the future. The future will not be
based on technology, cool products, faster solutions or sexy ergonomics. It
will be based on the strongest relationships.
I have seen what
can happen when there is a greater commitment to work ON improving business
relationships rather than just the business deliverables. People in the firm
become highly engaged, client loyalty improves, revenue and profits grow,
employee turnover drops, new initiatives can be launched quickly and effectively,
market differentiation occurs, employees give not out of obedience but out of
discretionary effort and there is cooperative, harmonious teamwork. People go
BEYOND what is expected of them.
This is not a
dream. It can be a reality. I have seen it with my own eyes. It is important to
understand that this is NOT exclusive to my consulting practice. I know several
consultants, like myself, who employ similar tactics with similar positive
results. You see, in business, as in medicine there is a new standard of care.
It is a standard that focuses on preventative maintenance and improving health
rather than merely treating symptoms and constantly fixing aches and pains.
But as in
medicine, the patient must believe they need to become healthier in order to
accept treatment. You may be making money, but this is not the only measure of
health. Ask yourself these questions:
• Is there a high
employee turnover rate?
• Is there
political infighting, blame shifting or a lack of accountability among your
• Is there an
absence of discipline or self-centered attitudes?
• Do the people
in your workplace really enjoy coming to work or is it drudgery?
• Are the excited
to give their best?
• Do they feel
appreciated and significant?
• Have
dysfunctional behaviors like dishonesty, insubordination or emotional outbursts
occurred in the workplace during the last six months?
If any of these
symptoms are present in your business, its time to think about making some core
changes to your business culture. These changes begin with the ability to cope
with the unrelenting daily change in our society and economy. They are an
outgrowth of our ability to change ourselves first BEFORE expecting others to
change. They are interwoven with our commitment to a pre-defined, consistent value
set. And they are an example of our ability to hold others accountable for peak
performance rather than just mediocrity.
At the SBA
Network we like to say that we influence decisions, improve performance and
inspire change. Let us know how we might be able to assist you to inspire
change in your organization.
Mark Deo
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