Short Change

The funny thing about change is that most people are unhappy with the way things are, yet few want to go through the pain of changing. In a way this amounts to SHORT changing ourselves.

Change is upon us. Ready or not, here it comes- politically, socially, economically, and financially. The question is not if will we be facing change in the coming year, but, “how will we deal with it?”

I like to believe that if we approach change from the standpoint of “attraction” then we can transform “adapting to necessary change” into LEADING revolutionary change! This is one of the reasons that I have created my “attraction principles.” I believe that with the right knowledge, mindset, and discipline we can actually “attract” a positive, desirable change, rather than being swept-up in unwanted change. 

Over the next few weeks, I would like to share these principles with you, my clients, class members, subscribers, and listeners. It is my hope that they can help you “take control of change.” Each week I will focus on several principles and discuss how practicing them can help us to create sustainable change, win deeper relationships and become more influential to those within our sphere of influence.

    The 14 Rules of Attraction

  1. Become a big fish in a smaller pond.
  2. Strategic rejection makes us more attractive.
  3. The problem is more important than the solution.
  4. Give information away without selling.
  5. Reverse people’s risk in changing.
  6. Don’t be a better option, become the ONLY solution.
  7. Create an exclusive community of “super-users.”
  8. No one has time to read so let design and color speak.
  9. Traditional advertising is a HOPE business.
  10. Collaborate rather than compete.
  11. Who we are is more important that what we do.
  12. Create standards and systems that nurture.
  13. Learn the discipline of testing.
  14. Plan your dive. Dive your plan.

Helloooooooo Tom!
We have been invited by CBS radio to participate in an event to help small business owners and entrepreneurs prepare for 2005 and all of the changes that are coming.

Join me on Saturday, November 13 at the Hyatt Regency in Anaheim with fellow talk show hosts: Tom Leykis, Doug Fabian, and Gabriel Wisdom for the first Financial Fest sponsored by 97.1 KLSX, the FM Talk Station

Throughout the 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. jam-packed day, you’ll be treated to a panel discussion with business and investment experts talking about small business, building wealth, real estate, and more. At the Financial Fest, we will be available to answer questions and will be giving away one set of our “Attract More Business Program.”

TeleClinics to be held every Monday at 1PM
To provide additional benefits to our subscribers, in November and December we will be holding a series of TeleClinics aimed at improving your attraction quotient.

11-15-04- How to Avoid the Typical Mistakes Marketers Make
11-22-04- The Exclusive Marketing Position
11-29-04- 10 Key Criteria for Developing a Branding Statement
12-06-04- Getting Commitment with Risk Reversal
12-13-04- Rules for Writing Headlines
12-20-04- Bull’s Eye Ad Design and Layout

To register for any of these Tele-Clinics go to call 310-320-8190. For more tools of “attraction” go to
Don’t short change yourself in the coming year. Let’s focus our energy on attracting precisely what we are looking for. Remember we have to TAKE control in order to be in control.

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