South Bay Technology Expo

From time to time we send out special announcements and this is one about an event being held by some good friends of mine. The Holden-Andrew Corporation is on the cutting edge of technology, and they are sponsoring the South Bay Technology Expo in Torrance, CA this Friday, March 9th. I’ll be there, as will many members of the SBA Network team, so if you have any interest in technology, I strongly encourage you to attend. Below are some of the details about this event:

The South Bay Technology Expo is a FREE event that focuses on bridging the gap between business and information technology by placing the latest products and services into the hands of the local business community. The event’s goal is to be an educational resource in a fun, interactive manner. The South Bay Technology Expo is sponsored by Holden-Andrew Corporation, a Managed Information Technology Service Provider in Torrance, CA.This year’s event will take place on Friday, March 9th from 11am to 4pm at the Torrance Marriott (Torrance, 90503)The event’s centerpiece is the presence of Microsoft Across America, a 42-foot long mobile experience where you can demo Microsoft Vista and Office 2007. In addition to Microsoft’s presence, the event also features the following technology providers: Ricoh Document Imaging, BTI Communications (VOIP and Call Center applications), Dell Computers, The New Cingular- At&T Wireless, Fat Pipe, Agility Recovery Solutions, The Daily Breeze (On Line Advertising),and Holden-Andrew Corporation.There will be many giveaways for attendees from these companies, and I will be giving away a few copies of my Attract More Business program.For information and pre-registration please go to or call Melissa Stewart of Holden-Andrew Corporation at (310) 792-4999

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