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So…you’ve just created your first website and Boy, It’s Real Pretty! It has your name and phone number, some blinking logos, flashing banners, loaded with lots and lots of information..yeah, really pretty!!

Hey, everyone knows the internet is where you’ve got to be. You’re going to make money and there are millions of surfers every day on line..and after all, with a site as nice as yours, you’ll be raking in the dough real soon.You wait. A week goes by. You check your site once more – 14 hits on the counter – all yours (you check in twice every day to admire what a great site you have and see if anyone has stopped by). OK, OK, it takes time for your site to be listed in the search engines… and when that happens…whooh, look out traffic! After all, your site’s real pretty and it’s packed with information and features, features, features!Two weeks go by. Then three. No difference. Your saddened, discouraged. This Internet stuff is a crock you tell yourself.Welcome to the real world! What you have done up till now is akin to putting up a billboard in the middle of the forest. Given time, a hunter will stumble by, take a look, and continue the hunt – hardly a way to make money!I’ve spent time looking at quite a number of sites. Most are woefully lacking in both traffic and ways to market their products or business to surfers who do happen to stumble by. If you want to make money with your website, this has to change. A mentor of mine says that one of the definitions of insanity is to keep doing what you’ve always done and expect to get different results. Yet that’s
what many, many website owners do every day.A successful web presence requires:creative design concept
relevant, useful content for your target audience
gives a reason for people to return often and consistently
exceptional domain packages
proper website design
secure website service
enabled for E-Commerce
automated credit card processing and check verification
a hosting service that allows you to EASILY and QUICKLY make changes yourself
fast and easy navigation
banner ad exchange programs
search engine placement and improved rankingI hope this helps you to learn some new ways to create a strong web presence.

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