What are your People Doing?

From time to time I ask other members of our network to submit an article that is valuable to entrepreneurs seeking to improve their performance. This week David Shechtman, one of our SBA Network consultants, talks about how to ensure that our staff are in alignment with our company’s strategic goals. Also listen to Matt, Cory and I as we interview David Shectman this Friday at 4pm LIVE. Go to: www.markdeo.com to listen live.

Well, they’re probably doing what you hired them to do or what they were trained to do. But why aren’t things working?Because the world around them is changing and your business is probably following suit.So, what does this mean? It means that your people – a critical resource that 43% of CEOs say finding and retaining is their greatest challenge1 – aren’t engaged in processes and activities that support your company’s strategy.The reality is that your company may be evolving into a completely new type of organization with a totally new set of strategic objectives. But do your people even know about it; let alone what to do about it?Product Leadership, Operational Effectiveness, and Customer Intimacy have been identified as three main strategic objectives in today’s marketplace2. Each of these objectives, consequently, requires a set of developed employee competencies. For example, in a Product Leadership company, employees need to share information, group problem-solve, and think creatively while in a Customer Intimacy company employees need to build deep relationships, focus on quality, and act independently.What’s happening nowadays is that companies are moving from one strategic intent to another without developing the employee competencies to match. And worst of all, when some managers or employees try to change, their efforts are ignored or punished because the system doesn’t reward it. Think about it, some companies used to be clear product leaders. They had a technology or process that set them apart from the competition. Then came globalization, and away went their competitive advantage. So, how do they now compete? By deliver a unique customer experience through customer intimacy. But do their people have the competencies developed to do this. Good question.As you now try to sort out this potentially complex situation, ask yourself a few questions:1. Do we as a company see fast and effective change as an important competitive advantage?2. Do we let employees (or even managers) know what they need to do to make the business strategy successful?3. Do we support individuals in developing new knowledge and skills?If you answered yes to all three questions, you’re poised for success. If you answered yes to two questions, you’re in pretty good shape. You may want to sharpen some skills. If you answered yes to none of the questions – or you don’t know – you definitely need to seek help. Adapting to change is not simply a luxury anymore, it’s a survival technique.1 Survey conducted by the American Society for Training & Development2 The Disciplines of Market Leaders, Michael Treacy & Fred WiersemaWe’ll be discussing this on our weekly radio show at 4PM Pacific Time this Friday. To tune in, simply go to our website at www.markdeo.com. We will also be taking calls from our listeners to help with any problems you may be experiencing in your business. Call in to speak with us at: 1-323-443-6878; then enter code: 226287 to get on the air!Have a great week!

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